Luxury Locations in Florence

I usually write about medium and low budget locations for your wedding in Florence or Tuscany but this time I would like to talk about a luxury location few minutes outside Florence.

Yesterday evening with two friends I went to a special event in Castello di Vincigliata to toast a new joint venture between the castle and the UOLL loft in Florence. Two completely different locations who put together their efforts, their will of work together but above all their passion. They create a brand called luxury location .

Because the incredible weather in Florence we could stay in the amazing garden spread of tables and chairs, small sofas and a large open bar where you could have any sort of cocktail, then we walked up to enter the courtyard where a large buffet offered by Galateo displayed all the magnificent of the Tuscan cuisine.

And then, other buffet with excellent wines and a table was only for lobsters!

The beauty of the castle by night is given by thousands of candles spread all over the scallops and the view that you have from up there is unbeatable.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures but it was was dark and I made all the photos with the mobile phone.

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