Marrying in Siena

Palazzo Pubblico Siena
Palazzo Pubblico Siena

Siena is one of the top town  to get married in Tuscany together with Florence. It is in the middle of an amazing countryside, hundreds of years of history, good food, excellent wines, stunning views for your pictures. You can decide to get married in the Siena town in Piazza del campo, where the famous Palio runs twice a year, in July and August, a blessing most everywhere especially in the garden of a villa.

If you decide to do a civil wedding (what the majority of people do) these are the steps. Write and email to or anyway.



Weddings can be celebrated everyday (Monday-Sunday) at 10.00-11-00-12; afternoon (only weekdays): 4pm-5pm-6pm.

Weddings cannot be celebrated: Christmans, NewYear da, January 1st – Easter – May 1st,  from June 29th to July 6th and from Augsut 13th t august 19th every year because of the Palio. The cost for foreigners  is  € 700,00 during week days and € 800,00 Saturday and Sundays

After your wedding you can choose among old and really typical restaurants where food and wine represent the excellent part of Tuscany.

To sleep and stay with your guests I recomend Borgo Grondaie.


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