Getting Married in Tuscany: My Mission

Getting married in Tuscany is really very simple and here I explain what the first steps are!

I personally take care of the wedding planning and coordination of your wedding day in Tuscany or wherever you want to go in Italy, so that you can enjoy every moment of your most beautiful day.

Your wedding can be intimate or large, be sure that the perfect venue, it really exists!

A beautiful villa near the picturesque city of Lucca, or a typical Tuscan villa nestled in the countryside near Siena, or a village with a castle overlooking the Val D’Orcia, or a beautiful hotel/villa just a stone’s throw from the centre of Florence. If your dream is to get married in Tuscany, I think you are spoilt for choice. Tuscany offers many horizons: the countryside, cities of art, the sea, the mountains.

If your dream is to organise an intimate wedding in Tuscany, I will find the best suited venue to your needs, and If you instead have many guests, there are very beautiful location in the Tuscan countryside where all your guests can stay. If, on the other hand, you have fallen in love with a small, pretty location that does not have enough rooms for everyone, there will certainly be nearby farmhouses or villas that can accommodate the other guests. 

Tuscany is full of picturesque towns, breath-taking scenery, and if you prefer a wedding overlooking the sea, there are many locations where I can organise your wedding on the beach with the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline.

I love my land and can’t wait for you to enjoy it!

Drop me a line to begin this beautiful journey through villas, castles, resorts, chapels, all venues simply perfect for any kind of wedding.

  • Private Villas
  • Resorts
  • Farmhouses
  • Beach locations
  • Castles with a view

Since I started this job, my motto has always been: elegance and simplicity, what I always look for, in every wedding, whether it is a luxurious or a simpler one

Discover our Venues

Wedding Venues

Countryside Wedding

If you get married in the countryside, good food and good wine should not be missing, and they are also my prerogative! A wedding in Tuscany should never be lacking of these. Many of these farmhouses are also organic farms, where they produce wine, olive oil and some Tuscan delicatessen at KM 0.

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Unconvetional Wedding

It is true that many brides and grooms come to Tuscany to get married in locations with classic Tuscan views, but Tuscany can offer much more. I have many locations where you can organise your unconventional wedding that will undoubtedly have the same charm and elegance of a more classic wedding.

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Villas for Wedding in Tuscany

The most beautiful country villas are splendid locations for your weddings. In the heart of the Tuscan hills, you will find some of our most historic residences with large gardens, swimming pools and facilities of all kinds.

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Castles for Wedding in Tuscany

We have selected the best castles in every area of Tuscany, from art cities such as Florence and Siena to the Chianti countryside, from medieval castles to elegant and luxurious ones. These wedding venues in Tuscany will make your wedding a truly special and unique event.

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Type of weddings

Religious Wedding

As for the civil binding the marriage contracted in the church needs some documents to be produces but if you are already civilly married everything will be easier.

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Civil Binding

Certainly, some of you will think it is too complicated, lots of bureaucracy, document, lost hours at the consulate but with my help everything will be easier.

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