Wedding Services

Services for your Tuscan Wedding

I create the perfect vision for your perfect wedding

I offer personalized service according to your taste, planning your wedding in Tuscany or Italy. I take care of your day from beginning to end. 

I always start from my experience to create the wedding as you have always dreamed it and maybe even more. I want to be sure to make your stay in Tuscany or Italy unforgettable for you and your guests.

I was born and raised in Tuscany and worked for many years in the tourism industry. My spouses also rely on me because I know my land and what it can offer. 

As first, helping you choosing the right venue, the one that must make your guests speechless. I have selected dream locations for you and my suppliers are those who have been working with me for years.

From catering to music, photography to makeup, everything will be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

In addition to wedding planning, I also organize the extras: from the spa before the wedding for the bride and groom or for the bride and her bridesmaids, to the tour for your guests to the most important places in our Tuscan cities, as a crowning glory of your stay, these are also detailing not to be underestimated.

Wedding Venue Selection

Villas, castles, farmhouses, the beach, the lake, whatever venue you decide is perfect for your wedding I will help you choose it. During our first interview I will ask you about the style of your wedding: romantic or classic, boho or rustic.

After an initial assessment of venues that might suit you, I will select about 5 and together we will visit them.

Why 5? I believe that going to countless locations can only be very confusing and can also be counterproductive in terms of choice.

I always prefer that my bride and groom take a weekend to come and see the venue that will host the day of their life

Flower Design

One of the aspects I love most about my job is creating the floral design not only because I love flowers so much but also because a wedding without flowers is not a wedding at all.

As soon as the venue is chosen the ceremony has decided as well as the mise en place, I immediately start working with the bride and groom, to decide on the colours, the flowers to choose etc.

I have been collaborating for years with the florists, all professionals, who will help you understand which seasonal flowers to choose. Choosing flowers according to season is not only an ethical choice but also a conscious choice.

Music for Your Wedding

What is a party without music? It is not a party. And what is a ceremony without background music to underline the most emotional moments?

It is not a ceremony. At every moment of your wedding, music must be present. Whether you are a classical music lover and dream of having a violin trio or harp or if you are more of a pop or jazz, you know that I can accommodate you.

My musicians and DJs have been collaborating with me for years and are all music professors and DJs with years of experience in the best discos in Tuscany. Your party will be raised to a higher level if at party time the DJ is accompanied by a sensual saxophone or a vibrant electronic violin. Let the party begin!

Photography / Video

I always tell my couples to consider a good part of the budget for the photographer and the bride's make-up/hair. A good MUA and a good photographer are all you need, someone said, and that's it. Your wedding photos are the only visible memory of that day and your photos will be seen and reviewed throughout your life, so you deserve a professional who knows how to capture the most beautiful and exciting moments and why not also the details. I have the good fortune to work with various photographers and you will certainly find the style that suits you: romantic, dramatic photos with colours that look like something out of a painting or photographers with a lighter, dreamy, opalescent style. My wedding photographers have been published many times and some of them have won prestigious wedding photography contests

Lights for Wedding Venues

It could be the most beautiful, romantic venue but without the proper lights is not at its best. Up lights, chandeliers, candles, lights monograms, all shines for the best possible party!

Wedding Details ...

Every single details speak about you and you want to show it to your guests. Written thank you notes, menuwith an excellent calligraphy, small weddings giftsfor your guests, welcome bagswith Italian products. A wedding without details is like an unfinished painting.