Hiring a wedding planner: how does it work?

If you especially live abroad and you fancy getting married in Italy you have to come up with few questions. Maybe you just write a few emails to some web sites you have visited or maybe you just pick up one that you like and go on with that agency, possible. But if you are already confused on what to ask, what you need and so on, before wtiting that email you should think before, what you want.

From my experience only few times I red an email where the bride or the groom were extremely confident in WHAT they were looking for.

First of all, if you live aborad and you wnat to merry in Italy, you certainly know that the budget will be lower and maybe you can afford it. Secondly, you need to make it clear on how many people (honestly) might come and third the kind of wedding you want to organize it together with the wedding planner and last but not least, don’t be afraid or shy to ask the fee.

I.E. : I just want this and that, my budget is approx XY, I would like you to help with  XYCV, blah blah: how much is it your fee? And so on!


I found out that couples think that a wedding planner works for free but don’t trust to much with whom it say, I work for free. No one works for free, this is not a hobby, so that’s why you should be very tranquil in asking that.

Another option would be hiring a wedding planner only for consultation and advises and the fee can be just few hundreds of euros (very few in my case) or another aspect which I also like is to be hired only for the wedding day! You do everything: you organize all your vendors, your logistics,  but then you want a person to be there at your wedding. Stress free!



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