Augustus Bambaissa – Tuscany beach wedding

Forte de Marmi is one of the most famous resorts on the Tuscan coast.

Until the 1960s, entrepreneurs, middle-class people and entire families spent their holidays here. Versilia is that strip of land between the sea and the mountains, the Apuan Alps with their famous marble quarries used by the greatest sculptors, Michelangelo took in one of these quarries the marble from which he then forged his David.

The Bambaissa restaurant is part of the luxurious Hotel Augustus, a historic hotel in Forte de Marmi.

The Bambaissa restaurant is perfect for a beach wedding as is its indoor hall. Not only does the Bambaissa have a renowned restaurant inside where Italian cuisine is mixed with other exotic cuisines, but it is also a perfect venue for the after-wedding party. An oasis within an oasis.

Details in a nutshell

Restaurant on the beach, close to Pisa airport and Lucca- Summer and spring weddings