Winter weddings in Florence

Winter in Florence can be very romantic and special. Florence starts to empty because the season ends at the end of October, therefore having a November, January and February wedding can assure the same service but at lower prices. Did it seem that I missed December? No, I made it on purpose. I love December weddings (I have one this year and I am the one who convinced the bride) for many reasons: Florence sparkles, Xmas is around, people are happier adn friendly, lots of people around, it is not hot at all, BUT, there is a but, even if it is winter we consider it a high season, not as high as July, maybe but still high season especially around the 8th of December when it is bank holiday in Italy or around Xmas and of course New Years Eve.

As because not so many people decide to get married in winter it is very easy to find the date of your dream in the sala Rossa of the Florence town and you don’t have to fight with other brides about a certain time or date. Certainly if you want to go ahead for a December wedding you must fast in booking. You can be more relaxed in planning if you want other winter months. Locations as well are less expensive and they can make good prices just because they work less in that period.

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