Wine wedding in Artimino Resort

They came last October to choose their location and immediately it was a bang!

We liked each others from the very beginning! It is something called empathy or electives affinities…something that happen to people when they recognize each other and put trust in each others. And then, they were so beautiful…a couple full of energy and you could feel that they were deeply in love. After few days around Florence and Tuscany we ended up in Artimino resort and they immediately fell in love with the estate once a country residence of the Medici family.

They decided to do a blessing ceremony held by a groom’s uncle but of one thing they were sure: the color palette to use. September is the harvest season in Italy and the color should have been wine color .

So burgundy hydrangea, roses, vines branches, brown leaves etc…an arch with a view, the aisle with petals and their love….

Images explain a lot in this case

IMG_6292 IMG_6308 IMG_6314 IMG_6333IMG_6375IMG_6388IMG_6390IMG_6397IMG_6420IMG_6433IMG_6468IMG_6492IMG_6496Wedding design and project :Wtuscany and events in Italy  Simona Cappitelli

Flower design Stefania Masiani

Location: Artimino Resort

Photographer :Alessandro Giannini photographer in FlorenceIMG_6336

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