Simona and Luciano

Simona and Luciano are the quintessential of a contemporary millennial couple: he is Sicilian but have lived most of his life between Bologna, Milan, and London, she is a doctor born in Viareggio, in the Tuscan Riviera but live between Viareggio and London but on one thing they were sure, the place where they would have tied the knot: Sicily.

The religious ceremony took place in Erice a hilltop village on the homonymous mountain of Sicily. Its origins are lost in century, but we know that it was funded by the Elimi, a population coming from Greece.

The church is one of the oldest and it is situated near the external city walls of the little town.

Simona and Luciano gathered about 60 guests from family and friends, and they were pictured by Colle photo. We all stayed in a typical Baglio, ancient fortress, there are many around Sicily, turned in farms, relais and hotel. Duca di Castelmonte is the Baglio where they had the aperitif, dinner, and party.
A wedding in Sicily is like jumping in centuries of history: from the Arabs and the Greeks until the Normans; that’s why the people of Sicily have a mix origin that reflects on the architecture of their palaces and their food and wine, which is absolute a feast!