Alli and Mike

Alli and Mike did not have any doubt about their wedding. They wanted to be in a vineyard, and they need at least accommodation for 60 guests. They chose a vineyard near Arezzo, Buccelletti Casali and Cantine. The family run business is an excellence in wine an olive oil and therefore the couple decided to do a wine tasting and pizza the day before the wedding.

The ceremony on the top of a hill overlooking the dramatic valley of Castiglion Fiorentino was performed by the bride’s brother who gave an intimate picture of the couple. Alli and Mike were pictured by the Studio Bonon and the flower decoration was given to the very young and full of talent If Designer.

Even if it was beginning of Fall season Alli and Mike wanted to have a al fresco dinner, a little bit chilly but with a good glass of wine from Casali and the fine food from Delizia Ricevimenti, the chill was only good vibes for a fun party afterwards.