Wedding proposal in Italy


Want to propose in Italy maybe during your holiday? Don’t have many ideas or maybe have one but don’t know how to realize it?

From the typical and most romantic ride in a gondola in Venice to a top 5 starred restaurant in Florence. From a private terrace overlooking Rome to a ballooning tour over the vineyards in Chianti you can rely on a delicate, private service. If you want to buy your ring in Italy, we have reliable jeweler where you can purchase your ring together with one of our personal shopper as well as we can organize a full or half day for your fiancée in a spa while you shop…

Everything is possible and it works all year round, prices are from a basic and simple proposal to a top one. Basically, the service is really for the pockets!

If you just want to ask questions and have a first chat please email to specifying wedding proposal

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