Villa Orlando in Versilia

Venue for your wedding in Versilia

Villa Orlando is one of the most beautiful villas in Versilia and is set on a lake made by Giacomo Puccini, the famous composer who had his villa just a few steps away. Villa Orlando is truly an out-of-the-ordinary villa for its spaces, each wedding is different from the other. Imagine yourself coming on a boat from the lake making your entrance in front of your guests. 

Villa Orlando is rented on a daily basis and has no guest rooms, but around the villa there are various accommodation. The villa has only one beautiful room the bride and groom can rent.

Villa Orlando is also a townhall house which means that you can marry either civilly or contract a civil union.

There are various characteristic places in the villa: the pine forest, the dock, the front of the villa, the Stables and the magnificent lakeside with a breath-taking view of the hills of Lucca and the Apuan Alps.

Details in a nutshell

Villa on a lake shore few miles from the Tuscan Riviera, artistic and historic environment- Summer and Spring wedding