In love and in war

  All of my couples have amazing stories to tell but this couple I think they had the most amazing stories of all. They met thanks to a book and because of this they were very sure that they wanted to get married in a library. They had in mind also which library in Florence, […]

Wine wedding in Artimino Resort

They came last October to choose their location and immediately it was a bang! We liked each others from the very beginning! It is something called empathy or electives affinities…something that happen to people when they recognize each other and put trust in each others. And then, they were so beautiful…a couple full of energy and you could […]

A blessing with a view

A blessing   is just a symbolic ceremony, no legal value, but very, very emotional. Generally speaking it is only an exchange of vows or renew of the vows or simply to have a ceremony that celebrates the love between tow people (no matter the gender). Renata and Felipe decided to have a blessing in front […]