Unconvetional Wedding

Unconventional Wedding in Tuscany

It is true that many brides and grooms come to Tuscany to get married in locations with classic Tuscan views: cypress trees, sunflower fields, olive trees, but Tuscany can offer much more.

If you are a fan of museums, there are many that allow a wedding or event inside their rooms. A wedding in a museum is undoubtedly fascinating and cultural.

I really like to organise weddings on the beach which can be simpler but also very chic or what about a chic picnic wedding in the shade of ancient olive trees?  I have many locations where you can organise your unconventional wedding that will undoubtedly have the same charm and elegance of a more classic wedding.

I envision this king of wedding for a young couple, for a second wedding or for same sex wedding or for all those who have no pause to dare.