How to choose your wedding venue in Tuscany

Probably choosing the right wedding venue is one of the hardest decision you have to handle, I mean if you choose to marry in Tuscany (but I can easily say all over Italy). There are so many that you can be overwhelmed by beauty.

It is not uncommon that some couples might visit Tuscany twice before getting hit by the ONE and only. It happens also that some couple fall in love with a venue seen in the web site and that’s it, some others fall in love trough the web site but then change idea once they see it in person.

What I usually do is accompanying the couple to see max 5 venues during the week end trying to choose venues which are relatively close to each other’s. If a couple have already a clear idea of what their venue will be, the visit of the other venues will be just only a mere curiosity, if they don’t have their idea set, we could spend even more than an hour to see each venue.

How far from the airport?

Some couples give me already an input: the venue has to be close to an airport. This is already a limitation because if I talk about my region, Tuscany, it must be either around Florence or around Pisa. It limits your venue search, for sure.

Tuscany Countryside but not so in the middle of nowhere

To reach the countryside and have the possibility to see some of the nicest venues you need to have a car. The countryside is usually in the middle of nowhere and even if many venues are nearby a village, you need to rent a car to get to that village and to be honest I think this is the fun of organizing a Tuscan wedding!

A venue for all or just for the close ones?

I always suggest to have all your guests together for several reasons. Weddings are made of fun, drinks and we all know what might happen if you drive after having sipped too many tequila shots or glass of wines. Budget: if you decide the majority of your guests sleep elsewhere you need to rent buses, and believe me they cost a fortune even if they have to drive few miles. Having all your guests in the same place is part of the fun facts of having a wedding abroad.

The WOW factor

A venue to be chosen in Tuscany must have 3 factors, according to me

  • A beautiful landscape
  • Peace
  • Nice furniture
  • Last but not least open minded and flexible owners

A beautiful landscape because you can enjoy some time contemplating the beauty of our region maybe with a glass of wine in your hand, peace because you want to enjoy more the sing of birds or cicadas in summer rather than a motorway or a nearby busy road, nice furniture because the venue is your home away from home for a few days and of course have venue owners who cuddle your requests (and mine) is a plus.

What about a plan B?

No one pray for the rain but the weather is unpredictable in all season (and yes in summer it rains cats and dogs sometimes) and we must be prepared. All the venues need to have a plan B, which I want to be honest, is not like the plan A. Few venues have a plan B nice as a plan A, therefore when searching for wedding venues a glance to the plan B is advisable.

In these uncertain times I stand for “Dream on and plan on” and you are perfectly fine if you dream about a destination wedding for 2023.

Send me a line to I will have very soon for you open week end around Tuscany in search of the perfect venue. Stay tuned, more info coming.

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