Fall weddings in Florence

I know it is not summer yet (it is not spring time, yet!) but it is never to late to think about a Fall wedding. Florence is amazingly beautiful in the Fall, first because all crowds are gone, second because it is not hot anymore but pleasantly fair.  October is a perfect month or end of September as well.

My package consist in civil wedding at Palazzo Vecchio with help with papers, lunch, dinner, brunch, cocktail whatever you like (please note that prices can be different), flower for the spouse, centerpieces for reception, music in Palazzo Vecchio and during reception. Photographer and tour for three hours in Limousine (can be done before wedding or after the wedding. it is possible to have the photographer for a maximum of four hours without Limo as well ( prices are subject to change after the four hours) and of course a dedicated wedding planner troughout  organization. For information o costs and dates please email to info@latestimonedinozze.com or simocappi@gmail.com

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