A fun, young, luxury wedding in Florence

A fun, loving, happy couple from Dallas surrounded by 90 guests, a lot of them, young friends ! They tied the knot in the village of marignolle, in Villa Tolomei, just few  steps from the city centre of Florence. The symbolic ceremony was held by The Tuscan pledge team.  The flower designer behind this wedding […]

Winter wedding in Florence

When planning Elena and Ema’s wedding we had a big issue. No, it was not the date of the wedding nor the weather. Elena and Ema were very sure about the date, January 13th, their anniversary. Elena was alwasy very sure to have her wedding in winter. She did not want their guests to be […]

An intimate wedding in Livernano, a secluded place in Chianti

I finally am back to write the blog. This season has really hit me. I am enormously happy and grateful of all the couples who chose Wtuscany  for their big day and happy to welcome the 2019 couples.   I am about to tell you a bit of some of these weddings, I will talk […]

In love and in war

  All of my couples have amazing stories to tell but this couple I think they had the most amazing stories of all. They met thanks to a book and because of this they were very sure that they wanted to get married in a library. They had in mind also which library in Florence, […]

Hen party sailing to Elba island

Between a wedding and the other I found the time to organize also a fabolous hen party trough the mediterranean island of Elba, the biggest island of Tuscany. I was among the crew of girls 🙂  and we had an amazing time! The leaving harbor is Punta Ala, one of the nicest little ports of […]

January Brazilian elopment : a letter from the groom

Today I decided to share with you the letter a groom wrote me few weeks ago. I asked him the permission to publish it and he said yes, of course, publish everything. I am not very inclined to share my successes but this couple was so in much with the city and with everyhting that […]

Winter elopment

Two hearts, two witnesses, one photographer, one bouquet of tulips, a stunning city . What else to be perfectly in love? Photographer: Alessandro Giannini Bouquet: Stefania masiani Make and hair: Aveda Wedding design and coordination: Simona Cappitelli

A blessing with a view

A blessing   is just a symbolic ceremony, no legal value, but very, very emotional. Generally speaking it is only an exchange of vows or renew of the vows or simply to have a ceremony that celebrates the love between tow people (no matter the gender). Renata and Felipe decided to have a blessing in front […]

A small, intimate wedding in Florence

A young, beautiful, brazialian couple decided to put all their money not in having a big party in their homeland, but put money on the trip to Italy, and have their dream wedding in Florence. They wanted a small chapel, only their parents and two witnesses, me and a friend of mine. So, I called […]

A wedding in Siena, a party in a Chianti hamlet

Luciana and Antonio is a lovely couple from northern Italy deeply in love with Tuscany where they have funds memories. They decided to tie the knot surrounded by the whole family at the end of July, first with a civil ceremony in Siena in the beautiful Sala del Concistoro in the Palazzo Pubblico museum then […]