Blessing in a Chianti garden

A dream blessing in a Chianti garden followed by a cocktail or a dinner can be done in different villas in Chianti.

I picked up three with the most famous Italian gardens:

Villa Scopeti has a large 1700 garden known as the season garden, becasue of the four different area of the garden where the season flowers born. A unique experience for different seasons.

The villa is 30 min outside Florence in the San Casciano area

Villa Maggio is just two km off Greve in Chianti: the villa it self is known both for the splendor of the castles as well as for the magnificent garden.

Castle Greve is another example of Renaissance castle near Greve with a small garden but with an outstanding view on vinyeards and olive fields.

It is importanto to note that the italian garden is very different from the english garden, therefore don’t be disappointed if you don’t find so many flowers but a lot of trees, bushes and jars with lemons, oranges and so on.

If you want to know more on italian gardens please refer to wikipedia


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