A wedding in Siena, a party in a Chianti hamlet

foto 2Luciana and Antonio is a lovely couple from northern Italy deeply in love with Tuscany where they have funds memories.

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They decided to tie the knot surrounded by the whole family at the end of July, first with a civil ceremony in Siena in the beautiful Sala del Concistoro in the Palazzo Pubblico museum then having a party in a hamlet they reserved for the day, Borgo Vescine, a lovely borgo between Radda and Castellina in Chianti, surrounded by typical Tuscan woods, olive trees, vineyards and quietness.
Luciana and Antonio have already four children so it really was a family affair, moreover half of the family live in Sicily and the two days wedding party was also a way to stay with them and enjoy each other company. Luciana and Antonio wanted to have a party, elegant, but still a countryside wedding.

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Borgo Vescine ‘s choice came after looking for many locations (almost six months around Tuscany looking for the best spot) and they won. They had the all family gathered there for the night then with two mini vans my assistants brought them to Siena for the ceremony.

The party:
Aperitif before, in splendid terrace surrounded by candles, music, laughs, dinner, cheers and dance: for decoration we opted for a series of bouquets on the table with chandeliers all along the table. Flowers were white roses, white hydrangea, and ivy.

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My staff:
Music: Alessandro Lollobriogida
Flower: Il fioraio di Stefania Masiani
Photographer: Alessandro Giannini
Make up and hair: Giulia Cresci
Location: Borgo Vescine
Bride dress: Jesus Peiro
Groom dress: Sartoria Rossi Milano
Wedding coordinator and designer: Simona Cappitelli, weddings and private events

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