A private villa and a wedding

This is a private villa overlooking Florence rent by the couples for a family gathering. Few siblings and some friends, a really private affair and I just love private affair!

Renting a villa for your close family could be an ideal solution if you want some privacy and enjoy few days like a local.

The young couple especially the groom wanted to have something extremely simple, with no fuss and frills but above all he did not want at all to organise the wedding. It was an extremely nice and helpful mother of the bride who organised it with me.

When I first got in touch with her, they already booked the villa and the photographer, who is among my “circle”:

WP: Simona Cappitelli Ferri

Photographer: Serena Cevenini

Venue: Villa Tantafera

Flowers: Florum

Music : Firenze classica

Catering: Zenzero biocatering

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